Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary Library catalog

Library Use for Non-Students

  1. PBTS & ABGTS Alumni - These alumni may use the library resources free of charge for five visits within the year. Beyond five visits, the following fees shall be collected:
    • Php 85.00 per day
    • Php 500.00 membership fee for one year if alumni membership is paid.
    • Php 500.00 deposit per book will be collected and refunded when the book is returned.
  2. Members of Philippine Theological Librarians Association- Association (PTLA) members are allowed to use PBTS Library facilities, only with referral letter from their librarian, but not to check out materials from the library.
  3. Visitors and Guest (with ID and referral letter)
    • Library fee per visit : Php 105.00
    • Membership Fee: Php 1,400.00 for 1 year
    • Deposit per book: Php 500.00 (Limited to 2 book only)
  4. PBTS SEE Students - PBTS Seminary Education by Extension (SEE) Students are allowed to use the library facilities/resources only, but not to check out materials from the library.

School Breaks - On term breaks, Christmas and Summer breaks, the library is open, but there will no be checking out of library materials except for students doing research papers, theses and dissertations.

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