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Proper Decorum

1. Observe silence inside the library. Group discussions should take place in the discussion room or outside the library.
2. Food and drinks are not to be brought inside the library.
3. All patrons are required to remove their shoes in the Reference Section. Inside slippers are provided outside the library.
4. Students are NOT allowed to enter within the RESERVE SECTION AREA.
5. Students/library patrons should not disarrange or move chairs and tables.
6. Library patrons should clear tables before they leave. They are expected to put all used books on the book cart.
7. Lost books or any library materials should be reported at once. Once a book is declared lost, fines stop accumulating and full payment becomes due. Lost books may be replaced by paying the current price with an additional Php 100.00 as processing fee.
9. There will be no more renewing of library books borrowed. If one needs to extend the use of the books that he/she currently borrowed, he/she needs to return all the books first then borrow them again. Fine (if any) should be paid before a student/ library user can borrow another material.
10. Library patrons should not write anything in or underline books, or cut anything from periodicals or newspapers. Anybody found guilty of mutilating library materials will be charged and dealt with accordingly.
11. Any student deemed to have acted in any way dishonestly with the library resources, such as stealing or taking materials out of their designated areas, may be placed on library probation for a length of time. The terms will include: exclusion from the stacks area and supervision while in the reference section. Students on probation will not be allowed to take anything out of the library.
12. Schedule for library service hours should be observed.
13. Students are not allowed to use other’s ID card in checking out library materials.
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